Port Service is:

-€the oldest environment protection company in Poland,
-€conveniently located in an industrial district close to harbours as well as shipyard and refinery industry.


– liquid waste collection, transport and treatment from ships anchoring in the sea or mooring in harbours and shipyards,
– industrial waste recycling and/or treatment,
– liquid and solid waste transport via sea or land.

Furthermore, we offer the following services:
– cleaning oil products and other hazardous substances off ship and land tanks,
– separator and settling tank cleaning on gas stations, car washes and car parks,
– sewage and water supply system cleaning,
– distribution network inspections with TV techniques,
Our experienced team of employees provides advice on waste treatment.

We have ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATE for rendering services in the field of tank and sewage system cleaning as well as waste transport and treatment expiring 22 April 2015.